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Method of Sale

Method of Sale

The method of sale you choose can have a strong bearing on the selling price and the time on market. Ensuring a premium outcome requires strategic planning. We will analyse your property, your requirements and the market conditions to help you select the method that is most likely to benefit you.

These are the options to consider:

Public Auction
This is the most popular method in high-demand areas. Competitive bidding can often generate results that exceed expectations and a sense of urgency is created with decreased time on market. All we need is for two motivated bidders to be in competition and the result is likely to be the highest possible selling price for your property. A cooling-off period does not apply.

Private Sale
A private sale can be an effective sale method and often suits sellers who are flexible with inspection times and don’t seek the intensity of an auction campaign. Generally, private sales will have a set asking price, alternatively you can use a price range. The property is sold when a buyer offers to pay the seller’s desired price.

Expressions of Interest
This method appeals to those vendors who would prefer to avoid the public element associated with an auction. Offers to purchase are invited by a specified deadline. A fixed price is not disclosed.

Sale by Tender
With a closing date for offers, this method is used for very large properties, major developments or multiplicity of use.

When talking to you about your method of sale we will discuss your own circumstances. Once you have determined your preference, we will formulate an appropriate marketing campaign for your property and may suggest improvements to maximise the selling price.