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Financing options

An important aspect to purchasing your property is to understand and review your financing options. Consumers can seek advice directly from their current financial institution and or engage the services of a highly recommended mortgage broker.

Going direct to the bank

If you’re a regular customer and have a great relationship with your bank, you might receive better terms and interest rates on their lending products. Your bank, however, may not advise you of a better deal that is being offered by their competition. To ensure you’re getting a competitive deal, you need to invest your time to research and shop around yourself and compare the loan products, features, rates and fees.

Engaging a mortgage broker

A mortgage broker is an intermediary who specializes in home and commercial loans and invests their time to help you to both find and arrange a deal on your mortgage. A mortgage broker can save you time and handle the hassle of paperwork and interaction with lenders, which can help relieve stress from the process.

Our recommended mortgage broker

At Gardam Real Estate, we highly recommend Bieu Lai as our preferred mortgage broker. As an alliance to our business, his services are free for Gardam Real Estate customers. Unlike some real estate agencies, Gardam Real Estate does not impose any referral fees to be paid for referrals made to Bieu’s company. Bieu started his business/IT career with a major Australian financial institution in 1995. During his employment with the bank, he discovered that he had an active passion for real estate. The office staff knew his favourite hobby was real estate as he was always on the phone negotiating with real estate agents and lenders. In 2006, Bieu resigned from the bank and started his business career as a mortgage broker. Today, Bieu has a team of colleagues that work closely together with him to further extend their service availability and expertise.

Bieu brings strong family values mixed with a wealth of mortgage broking experience to every client interaction. He is on-call and ready to help with your financial broking needs.

To find out more about how Bieu may be able to provide independent financial advice, customised to your needs,
please call on: +61 416 149 422


First home

Hi Bieu,

Thanks for all your help, we all felt very comfortable dealing with you and have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our friends in the future.

To have someone come into our family and explain things in a way that even I could understand and for us to have that complete trust in you was very reassuring it made the process so much easier.

We will make sure you get an invite to the house warming party. Again thank you so much for everything.

Duncan & Lisa M

Looking to build first home

Hi Bieu,

I'm not sure if you will remember us, but we were the young couple that you assisted yesterday at the display home.

Of all the display homes that we visited yesterday in various estates around our current residence, you were the only one to offer to assist us and provide us with financial advice.

We would officially like to thank you for your support as we highly appreciated that you took the time out to assist us. Your helpful advice really made the big, scary world of buying our first home that much easier and possible.

We hope to encounter you once more at some time in the future because of your wonderful service!

Thank you and warm regards
Jessica & Andrew M

Mending something that is broken

Dear Bieu,

When I first spoke with you in 2010, I was in the process of finalising my divorce. With 3 young boys and a small portfolio of investment properties, I needed options to get a home to live in. I now have a home for myself and my boys and further to your advice, I have restructured things and my home is almost paid off. I appreciate all your help and guidance throughout my tough times.

Vicki L

Out of control – debt consolidation

Dear Bieu,

I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help with rescuing me out of my uncontrollable situation. With all my credit cards on payment plans and the banks I banked with saying no to me, I thought I had no way out until you gave me a rescue plan. Thanks to you, I am now in control of my finances.

Debra B

Negotiating a better deal

Hi Bieu,

Thank you so much for restructuring and negotiating a better deal on all my business loans. I am saving almost $18,000 a year in interest now. I had to recently purchase another investment property and negative gear. Thanks again for all your help.

Sam C

Securing a profitable opportunity

Mr Bieu,

I never thought I could leave my convenience store business that I was operating for almost 10 years. I was working from 6am to midnight daily until I came across the supermarket opportunity. Many thanks for helping me with the business plan and obtaining the finance to purchase the freehold and business. My wife and I are now working less hours and own a very profitable business.

Victor Qi